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  • Provide insight into competitors’ true strategic intentions and moves, financial capabilities, corporate organization, market view and pricing approaches.
  • Gather and analyze accurate data about unrevealed technologies, production costs, profit margins, R &
  • Spot competitor’s key employees and approach them
  • Advance key adverse movements (innovations, alliances, acquisitions, asset divestitures, etc.).
  • Bring you what competitors really know and think about you.
  • Protect intellectual, human, financial, commercial and technical assets of the companies; Anticipating major risks and helping to adapt security policy.
  • Assist companies in selecting and vetting employees, partners or would-be partners, middlemen, agents and distributors by discreet inquiries on their professional reputation and background, their integrity, their financial resources, political connections and so on. Detect those with illegal activities or links to organized crime
  • Locate debtors and hidden assets (bank checks, property checks, revenues…); help to prove illegal organization of self-insolvency. Check customers solvency.
  • Investigate commercial and financial frauds, misappropriation of funds, goods and other corporate assets, fraudulent transfers and more generally all kinds of white collar crime.
  • Fight unfair competition practices and bring you evidence available to justice courts.
  • Counter-attack expanding grey markets and counterfeiting products, especially when sold on the Internet.
  • Understand the mechanisms of decision in a country, a company, a power circle, and identify the true decision-makers, their supports and their mobiles.
  • Check whether your influence strategy is adapted to the local or national context.
  • Ensure capacities and transparency of your middlemen and lobbyists in a particular country or power circle.
  • Analyze political and criminal risks in the countries or regions where you invest.